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19"12U Enclosure 600X1000 Floor Standing Server Rack/CAB-FE-12U-6100NA

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The CAB-FE-12U-6100NA is a small enclosure/Server Rack Cabinet 12U, built for the housing of standard size 19” inch devices, the enclosure is 600mm in width and 1000mm deep compatible with housing regular Servers, SAN, UPS, and other networking devices. The cabinet is designed to fit in smaller places than the regular server enclosures and can be stored under a desk or staircase. Designed through air ventilation, and built by industrial standards, more fans or temperature modules can be added.

The CAB-FE-12U-6100NA is a compact server enclosure that can fit under a desk or in a corner, while still having all the features needed to store a high-end server with accessories needed which would be expected by IT integrators. The Server Rack Cabinet 12U includes through-air ventilation which can be expanded according to requirements, 19-inch wide profiles together with front and rear adjustable profiles, and thick gauges to carry the extra weight of a fully populated server, UPS, or another electronic networking device.



  • Ideal Server Rack for Rackmountable Switches, Blade Switches, NAS, and UPS Systems
  • 12U (H x W x D) 621mm x W600mm x D1000mm
  • 1000mm deep is ideal for Servers, and SNMP Switches with deeper design criteria
  • Universal 19" design supports leading Server vendors including IBM, Dell, HP, Sun, and Apple
  • Superior dynamic and static load performance for heavier equipment loads
  • Useful design features including front U numbering, multiple cable entry points, and left/right door placement
  • Totally secure with front and side panels with special, high-quality locks with mesh door
  • Bundled accessories include FREE: Castors, Jacking Feet, Cage Nuts, and Bolts.
  • Assembled in the UK



  • 12U high 600W 1000D
  • ETSI 19” front/rear profiles, adjustable
  • Lockable mesh front door, reversible if required
  • Removable side panels, rear lockable door
  • Ideal for Dell, IBM, and Fujitsu servers
  • Supplied with Castors and Jacking Feet
  • UK Assembled and quality assured


Package Includes

  • 1    x    19" 12U Enclosure 600 X 1000 Floor Standing Server Rack


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