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1U 19-inch Black Vented Fixed Shelf For Networking Rack Cabinet/CABSHELF-FE-350-1U

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LMS Data offers a number of different types of cabinet shelves to suit different applications and fixing arrangements in 19-inch cabinets. This fixed vented shelf comes with a cantilever bar, fits directly to the front mounting pillars of a data cabinet or server rack, and is best suited to applications where the components to be placed on them are lightweight to heavy devices, such as modems, routers or a UPS.


Features & Specs

  • 19-inch Rack Mounted for data cabinet use
  • 1U high design for lightweight components
  • Slotted
  • Load capacity: 25kg
  • Easy to install
  • Fully vented to allow cool airflow
  • High-quality Black gloss finish
  • 483x350x44mm (WxDxH)


Package Includes

  • 1     x     1U 19-inch Black Vented Fixed Shelf 


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