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24-Port 1U Vertical Rackmount CAT6 STP Patch Panel Plus Back Bar/PPAN-C6-24SHD

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Built-in ease of maintenance plus the added RF shielding benefit. Often using standard, unshielded (UTP) Patch Panels and other UTP structured cabling products may not suit well for the environment you are installing. Factors such as RF (radio frequency) noise, and the so-called ‘electrical smog’ may cause sensitive data packets to become corrupted.

The result of this means networks, especially gigabit Ethernet networks run slower due to data retries causing both frustration to end-users and more time for you being on-site, trying to remedy the situation. The new LMS Data PPAN-24-SHD is a solution for these particular installation environments. Not only is each RJ45 port fully shielded, but uniquely, the housing of the 1U high panel is also fully encased in a high-performance metal enclosure, further reducing ‘electrical smog’ effects and thus reducing or eliminating data packet corruption, no matter what speed your network is running.

Ease of use both pre and post-installation has been well catered with the PPAN-24-SHD. Featuring vertical KATT (Krone™ and AT&T™) robust IDCs in a vertical punch-down PCB on the rear, fully adhering to TIA/EIA-568-A/B termination, supporting 22AWG to 26AWG core sizes. Of course, being Cat5e compliant means it supports all current and emerging networking standards including Gigabit Ethernet (1000BaseT) and lower speeds plus of course being Telco compliant for both voice and data usage.

The LMS Data PPAN-C6-24SHD is 24 Port certified CAT6 STP Patch Panel which is ideal for structured cabling installations in offices of all sizes. Slimline, 1U height means it's ideal for small wall cabinets as well as regular, floor-standing cabinets and racks. Using a horizontal IDC rear punch-down means it's easy to terminate cables by simply pulling the patch panel from the front of the cabinet it's installed in.

Fully Gigabit Ethernet certified means it's ideal for running legacy and advanced networking protocols to Gigabit Switches up to 1000Mbps. Also ideal for telecom, VoIP, CCTV-IP, and other Ethernet-based standards.

Long-life, nickel-plated female RJ45s, robust construction with color-coded rear Krone(tm) KATT type IDC for both TIA-568A/B terminations. The Patch Panel is fully enclosed in an alloy chassis to help mitigate RF issues.


  • Fully shielded (STP) Cat5e Patch Panel for assured clean data
  • Class-leading Cat5e/ISO-11801 compliant
  • Supports Gigabit (1000BaseTX) and other networking speeds
  • TIA-EIA-568A or B punch down IDC blocks (vertical punch)
  • 1U high, fully enclosed metal chassis for security and RF protection
  • Rear built-in cable management tabs
  • Ideal for Wall Enclosures and restrictive usage



  • Port Count 24 Ports STP
  • Dimensions 1U 19-Inch Design Format
  • Conformance TIA-EIA-568A/568-B Coded IDC
  • Performance 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Compliance
  • RJ45/IDC Connects Nickel and Phosphor Bronze
  • Port Identification Numbered and Bespoke ID Marker
  • Fixings Supplied M6 Nuts and Bolts


Product Includes

  • 1      x      24-Port 1U Vertical Rackmount CAT6 STP Patch Panel Plus Back Bar


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