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25 Port 1U Rackmount CAT3/TELCO 6-Pin Patch Panel/PPAN-25-T

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The Cost-Effective Telco Patching Panel

Offering quality construction and performance in the world of Telecommunications Patching for your Telco and low bandwidth networking applications. The PPAN series is a fully featured Telco Patch Panel with FCC-approved outlets with full technical adherence to ISO/IEC-11801 specifications. With integral gold-plated connections and over a 750 insertion life on the Ports, the PPAN series is your ideal choice What’s more, the Krone® type IDC connectors on the horizontally mounted IDC has an excellent re-insertion life of over 200 cycles and can accommodate 22-26 AWG cables with ease. Fully connector numeric IDs are screen printed also for quick punch down. High-density 25-Way 1U high design to maximize your Enclosure space.

The LMS Data PPAN-25-T is 25 Port enhanced CAT3 and Telecommunications Patch Panel for working in low bandwidth applications of that of legacy PABX Telco applications. 

Fully certified to CAT3/Telco standards allowing typical voice call cables to be terminated and thus patched via the 6-PIN front connection ports.

Long-life, nickel-plated female ports are coupled with a vertically designed Krone(tm) IDC terminal IDC together with a rear cable management bar and tabs.



  • Certified CAT3/TELCO 25 Way Patch Panel
  • Standard 6-Pin Ports with Krone(tm) IDC Punchdown
  • 1u High means it fits in the smallest of data cabinets
  • Office and Educational Sector PBX Telecom Installations
  • Ideal for PBX Telco Switches, Alarm Systems, and Legacy Systems
  • Create fault-tolerant Voice Ports by simply patching ports



  • 25-Way 1U High, 19” Wide Form Factor
  • Ideal for Telco and CAT3 type low bandwidth applications
  • Certified to ISO/IEC-11801 specifications, 6-pin
  • Krone® style rear horizontal IDC with 200+ insertion cycle
  • Gold-plated sockets for improved data flow and reduced resistance
  • 22-26AWG Data Cable compatible
  • Insulation resistance approx. 1000Mohms
  • Contact resistance approx. 7Mohms
  • Integral rear cable management anchor points
  • Quality metal casing with front Port Numbering


Package Includes

  • 1    x     25 Port 1U Rackmount CAT3/TELCO 6-Pin Patch Panel


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