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42U 19" Cabinet 800X1200 Floor Standing Server Rack/CAB-FE-42U-8120

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Redefining quality compact ergonomics for servers and networking.

Looking for larger than normal universal server, data center, or networking hardware containment for your professional operations?

The new CAB-FE-42U-8120 is a high-performance, professional class enclosure that has an increased overall depth of 1200mm (approx.) to allow either custom-built servers, higher performance switching, UPS and SAN devices to be fitted with ease and of course, still maintain excellent airflow. Complementing the increased depth is the 800mm wide design, thus allowing increased amounts of cabling such as trunk fiber, multicore copper data cables, or higher tension electrical cables with ease. Of course, the extra cabling is maintained tidily, behind clip-over cable containment roofs, mounted vertically, on either side of the 19” ETSI front uprights. As will all LMS Data EcoNetCabs in the series, bundled accessories such as installed fan trays, shelving, etc are included as well as excellent ergonomics including front meshed, lockable door, removable side panels and HD castors, and jacking feet.



  • Ideal for SME and public sector organizations
  • 42U 2050mm height, 1200mm depth
  • Standard 19" vertical profiles with a choice of depths
  • Ideal for custom-built servers, high-performance switches, UPS and SAN devices
  • Excellent airflow through the cabinet
  • Bundled FREE 'Roof-Mounted' fan tray, shelving, castors, jacking feet, removable side panels
  • Removable side panels with special, together with high-quality locks on the front Mesh door (options available)
  • 800mm wide for use of increased amounts of cabling
  • Assembled in the UK
  • Supplied with: Front Cable Management;
  • Standard/Shipping Castors (Fitted):
  • Set of 4 adjustable Jacking Feet (Supplied):
  • Standard M6 Cage Nuts and Bolts (Supplied):
  • Hex Adjusting Key (Supplied)

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: W800mm x H2050mm x D1200mm (inc. castors)
  • ETSI 19” front/rear profiles - Integral front cable management
  • Universal server design for all popular servers, UPS, SAN & more, depending on actual device dimensions
  • Up to 800Kg static load-bearing - Extra deep 1200mm design
  • Front mesh high venting door (lockable)
  • Left/right hinged front/rear doors
  • Removable side panels for easy access
  • U-numbered uprights for rack-mount product alignment
  • Multiple cable entry glands for exact power and cabling entry
  • Fitted 4-way fan tray in raised and vented roof space
  • Fitted vented shelf
  • Powder-coated RAL 9005 finish


Package Includes

  • 1      x      42U 19" Cabinet 800X1200 Floor Standing Server Rack


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