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6-Way Horizontally Mounted Surge Protected 16A Commando PDU-UK Sockets/PDU-6WS-H-SP-16CMDO

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Enterprise-level power distribution for data centers and more

Looking for high-performance power distribution for your heavily loaded systems?

The newly developed LMS Data 13A heavy-duty horizontal PDU uses the IEC-14 plug input connector which is ideal for many device requirements including server, network, and other industrial-type equipment functions such as broadcast and HVAC applications. Combining a fully certified IEC-14 plug input combined with a compatible heavy load power flex means you can be assured this LMS Data PDU can work without problems, 24/7. Furthermore, incorporated into the horizontal form factor are industry standard UK sockets, ideal for data, telco, and broadcast equipment with the added benefit of integral electrical surge protection. Robust in design, with an integral neon illuminated rocker switch for assured functionality, the LMS Data PDU is designed to deliver maximum electrical power today and tomorrow.

The LMS Power PDU-6WS-H-SP-16CMDO is a high-quality surge protected, horizontally mounted PDU (Power Distribution Unit) that simply fits within the universal mounting brackets of data, telecom, and server cabinets. 

Providing piece-of-mind of integral electrical surge protection against common power surges and electrical spikes to devices including Ethernet Switches, Servers, UPS, NAS, and of course cabinet accessories including cooling fan trays.

Robust, alloy design complete with rackmount brackets fitted, high-quality Neon Switch, and of course UK output sockets together with high quality, 16-Amp rated heavy duty Commando power input plug, ideal for industrial usage.


  • Standard UK 3-Pin power outlets for your appliances
  • HD Commando Plug for industrial applications
  • Built-in surge protection for critical device protection
  • 1U horizontally mounted attaches to internal profiles
  • Neon On/Off Rocker switch to prevent accidental turn off 
  • Create instant power feeds to your data, telecom, or server cabinets
  • Provide effective power for cabinet cooling fans, UPS systems
  • Ideal as stand-alone trailing sockets outside the cabinet



  • Horizontal, high-density Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • Heavy-load 16A Commando style 3-pin plug
  • Integral electrical surge protection circuit
  • Compatible, heavy-load power cable
  • 6x standardized UK output power sockets
  • Robust, black aluminum design for industrial use
  • Neon on/off power switch for assured control
  • Maximum power rating - 4000W
  • 1.8 metre (approx.) power cordage


Package Includes

  • 1    x     6-Way Horizontally Mounted Surge Protected 16A Commando PDU-               UK Sockets


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